Leading up to my 30th birthday, my main goal was to cut out eating fast food and drinking unhealthy beverages. I had also wanted to loose some weight. My wife had some success with the ten week challenge at Farrell's Extreme Body-shaping. Not only was it providing a good, balanced workout, but they also put a huge emphasis on nutrition. I eventually decided to sign up and give it a shot. While I did not hit my weight goal for my birthday, I did however manage to stop eating fast food and drinking soda and sugary juices. Along with that, I was stronger than I have ever been and generally had more energy. My body just felt like it was running better.

At the beginning of August, about one month prior to my 30th birthday, I received the news that I would no longer have a job after the end of the month. It was a job that I really enjoyed and a great direction for my desired career path (which is somewhat lucrative, at least in the area). The job actually fit very well into my life, and would have been a great situation for when my wife and I start a family. Although it was difficult to go into work everyday knowing it would soon be my last, I was grateful for having the time to prepare for new employment (more on this later).

I have long held the belief that it will become progressively harder to make changes to my lifestyle and habits after I turn 30. I'm not sure where it came from, or of it's truthfulness. However, I figure it can be used to my advantage. Plus, now that I have hit that milestone and along with it becoming unemployed for the first time since high school, I figure now is the time to work on some changes.

So naturally, my first step is to make a list. 
  • Speak more confidently and assertively
  • Consume and waste less
  • Eat and live healthier
  • Complete more projects I start

Step two is to make a plan.

For the past couple of years, I have been collecting information about how other people have learned to be more productive and work towards their goals. The intent was to be able to get myself better organized to hopefully make a living by doing freelance work or running my own business (also more on this later). However, I feel like much of these ideas I have collected can be applied to achieving any goals. Over the coming weeks, I will lay out my plans and start to share some of the information I will be using to help myself be successful. So stay tuned, and hopefully we can all share some helpful ideas and learn to be better, more producti

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