It has taken me numerous years, platforms and designs to finally get something online. I have a hardwired need to create and have always needed an outlet. This is it. This is the final fresh start. 

My goal here is to create and collect a body of work. To be a living portfolio of what I can do and what I have done. To showcase not only my own creativity, but also shine a light on the accomplishments of others who have influenced or inspired me as well.

This is as much for my personal use as it is professional. I do not see much difference between the two anymore. Editing video requires it's own rhythm and structure, like a song. Writing and design are much the same way. There is a framework - and underlying structure - to most things in life that is a language all it's own. Every building, piece of art, song and life are their own story. Things that may not seem similar to each other, can be thought of in many of the same ways.  Each element of something has it's own weight, and learning to keep things balanced can be applied to anything in life.

So while my recordings and thoughts on design may not always seem related to my professional career, everything is just practice, more experience - better understanding - for the next step, a new chapter in life. 

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