I wish I were an early riser. I wish I woke up early and went to sleep easily in the evening. Instead, here I am at 12:45am, up after laying in bed for two hours.

Now, I realize if I had gotten up before 10am the past few days, and didn't get my iPod out after a half hour to read about room acoustics, this might not happen. Before you chime in with any relaxation or breathing techniques, facts about how even the light of an alarm clock can stimulate your brain (and obviously, a phone or computer screen would be much worse) or what time of day is best to exercise - I know. I'm well aware of all these things, and have been able to use them to my advantage in some degree, at some point. However, this has always happened.

As long as I can remember, I've always had troubles with being tired during the day, and not sleepy at night. In the years after high school, it became somewhat of a joke. I would get off work about 3pm and tell my friends I'd be over in a little bit. A little bit for me often times turned into quite a while - because I would fall asleep.

I worked in the kitchen of a restaurant, so when I got home I would smell like whatever was made most that day and frier grease. I would be tired and not feel like taking a shower right away, so I would get on the computer and visit my usual websites (this was before Facebook, if you can remember that).. Inevitably, I would get tired enough that I would lay down on my bedroom floor (I didn't want to get my bed dirty) to rest. I probably slept as well like that on the floor with no pillow than I ever did in my bed at night.

For some reason my brain just likes being active at night. As much as I actually do enjoy being up earlier in the mornings on occasion, I am just not as inspired as I can be at night. I actually don't mind the shorter daylight hours of the fall and winter, because I feel like it gets me into my productive time earlier. I am physically and mentally prepared for different things at different times of the day. I could run errands, jog or do yard work all morning (or early afternoon) long. Sitting down and getting some actual "work" (writing, mixing, editing video/photos, etc.) done seems nearly impossible

Which that is the problem. Because the world wakes up early.

And it's not fair. I know I am not alone when it comes to being a bit of a night owl. However, we're not who the world is set up for. Most employers seem to think you aught to show up early, on-time and ready to go. Granted, there are some jobs that have good reason for that (think anything that sells coffee). There are many jobs, where the start of the work day has no need to be early. I'm pretty sure many people are getting paid to be 'waking up" while they're at work. I have fallen asleep at work, multiple times. It has been a problem. I never knew I'd fallen asleep until I woke up. Some days I'd spend all morning just trying not to fall asleep. It seems like many industries aren't very aware of this. You would think they would make an attempt to pay their employees for the time they're most productive.

This troubles me because I worry that most of my life, I will get stuck being forced to fit into a schedule that conflicts with who I am. It is unsettling because I need to keep good, steady employment to help support my family and maintain a reasonable lifestyle. Add to this equation that my main skill set (music, media) tends to be undervalued and under appreciated, has me a bit nervous. Now days, everyone can record their own music and edit their own videos, so obviously paying for my time and talent to do it well, and better, shouldn't be valued too much. After all, they could probably do it just as good or better, you know if they had the time or equipment.

Anyways, all I'm saying is, if you really want the best out of me, it's probably not at 7am.

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